About GKD

Cavaliar Dr. G.K. Devarajulu, founder chairman of LMW group was a legend in his own lifetime. Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Visionary, Diplomat and Philanthropist, GKD as he was affectionately called a colossus who strode a period of history when Indian industry was at a fledgling stage & lived to see it firmly entrenched on the industrial map of the world and the LMW group as a major force to reckon with.

G.K Devarajalu was a Courageous, talented, well determined industrialist in Coimbatore City. In 1932, At his age of 21 he succeeded establishing Laksmi Mills, Coimbatore.
In 1938, He is the First who introduced imported Cotton Yarn Machines to Laksmi Mills, from Japan to India.
In 1940, G.K.Devarajalu partnered with G.K.Sundaram to install Textool company and they succeeded in manufacturing Ring Frame Machine. Later on he quit his partnership.

In 1962, With a partnership of Peelamedu R.Venkatasamy Naidu, he introduced India Viscose Company which was his essential Business Adventure. He examined and purchased well suitable land, levelled it to construct building. Finally G.K.Devarajalu played an important role by importing Italian machines to Viscose company.

In 1960, Due to Indian Government restricted Foreign Trade of Industrial Machinaries.
G.K.Devarajalu proved by establishing LMW that well equipped Cotton Ginning Machines can be manufactured in Indian Industries itself. Lakshmi Machine Works Limited is a leading Textile Machinery Manufacturer in India, locating in Periyanayakam Palayam, Coimbatore and one among the three in the world to produce the entire range of Spinning Machinery.
In 1962 LMW was founded to provide the Indian Textile Mills with the latest Spinning Technology. Today it caters to around 60% of the domestic market and has emerged as the leader in the Export of Textile Machinery in the country. LMW Foundry makes Precision Castings for industries the world over.

Then he started many companies like Lakshmi Automatic Loom Works Ltd, Lakshmi Ring Travellers and LMW Unit 2. All these Indian textile engineering industries made its mark in the production part and running successfully.

Thus G.K.Devarajalu marked an important role in introducing new business technologies to Our Country and expertised it Sucessfully.

In 1982, well experienced, skilled, ventured G.K.Devarajalu was selected as FICCI Chairman. He discussed and resolved problems with Indian Government raised from scarcity of electricity to business fund policies. In his tenure, he also played leadership in South India Cotton Association, South India Textile Research Association, India Cotton Association etc.

In fact it is widely believed that the emergence of Coimbatore as an industrial city is largely on account of his efforts.

To honour him, Lodge G.K.Devarajulu No. 221 was constituted. The Lodge was duly constituted under a Charter of Warrant of the Grand Lodge of India dated 19th April, 1974 and was consecrated on 6th May 1974 at Venkatalakshmi Kalyana Mandapam, Coimbatore.

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